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Serving Women and Communities in Hampshire and beyond

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Welcome to the Circle

What Women Say

Our Red Tent has been running since the beginning of 2014.  It is a soft fabric space where we women of all ages, with or without a current menstrual cycle, can nurture each other, listen with our hearts, share our stories and our wisdoms. It is a place where we can empower our maidens, honour our mothers and respect our wise elders. It is the sacred space to acknowledge our rites of passage and celebrate our femininity.


The Red Tent is a doorway home to the self, a place to co-create and support community, and a place to inspire and educate a generation.  The Red Tent is a space where women heal and are heard.  The Red Tent is life changing.  The Red Tent is a home to just breathe, to just be, to feel and discover all that you are.


Bring your tales and your truths, your smiles and your songs, your love and your laughter. Wear something red. Bring something for the altar. Feel free to do your knitting, share a meditation, do some drawing, read out some poetry, have a snooze, paint your toenails, get your face painted, offer some yummy nibbles, receive a foot rub or give a massage. It’s up to you ... the space is yours.


Come add your ribbon to the red cord that represents our circle, the thread that binds us. Come take your turn with the "talking bowl" of goodies.  Come, step in to the circle.

“Being at a Red Tent event with Heidi is like curling up with hot cocoa and a blanket, feeling very comfortable and safe. We are able to say what is on our minds, and support each other. It is an amazing space to be in”



“The Red Tent feels like a homecoming - a place I've always longed for but didn't know existed. It has healed my relationship with other women in a powerful way, I always leave having learnt and grown”



“The red tent gave me the sisterhood I didn't realise I was craving, the voice I hadn't realised I had lost, and the permission to be myself”



“In the Red Tent I felt a sense of recognition and strength with other women and found the belonging I've been missing.”



It is a real privilege to bear witness to other women’s stories and to glean so much insight from them too. Each time I am a little more awestruck.  Women are incredible”