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Support for you:


New Forest and Southampton Red Tent Facebook Page


This is our page where we update you of events, circles and workshops.  

Please "like" it to stay connected, informed and inspired.





New Forest and Southampton Red Tent Main Facebook Group


This is a closed group, so please follow the link and make a request to join.  We only accept women who are in Hampshire and on the Hampshire borders in Dorset and Wiltshire, or who are in some way connected to the New Forest and Southampton Red Tent itself.  Please ping Heidi a text to say you have made a request and just state your name and area you live in, so that she can filter the genuine joining requests from other ones.


Admins are Heidi, Cath, Jani, Ruthi, Karolina and Adeola.  There are regular threads several times a week along with articles and inspirational posts.


The Facebook group is not a place to advertise your own products or events.  Such posts will be deleted immediately and repeat offenders removed from the group.  We do welcome relevant posts and the community is a vibrant one.












Just some of our regular posts - conversation prompts in our online group



Support from you:


You can also support your local Red Tent, ensuring its longevity as a community resource for women.  Our time at many events is as volunteers and at our own expense. If you can offer financial support, it makes it more viable and helps it to thrive.  You can donate a one-off sum via Barefoot Heartsong, state clearly that it is for the Red Tent. Or we have our regular donation option which supports Heidi and the ongoing costs of our Red Tent.














Our Red Tent is a sacred space that honours all women and their lives, their creativity, their intuition, their rites of passage and their cyclical nature.  Many sit in circle, feel safe and supported, share wisdom and stories, and gain inspiration and an empowered perspective.



Mutual support enables us all to grow and achieve our potential.  We have our Facebook groups offering an online space in between meetups.  We also invite you to support this community resource and the ongoing vision.

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