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Welcome to the Circle

A well-run Red Tent can be a sacred place of healing and community togetherness.


A well-run circle can heal a hundred rifts between women, rebuild trust and shut down the competitive feelings that derive from being told we are not enough and that there is not enough, love and approval mostly, to go round.  A circle such as this can nurture the cheerleader in all of us, the one that claps and shouts with her pompoms of joy for our fellow women in business, in homes, in art, in literature, in politics, in education, and in love.


A well-held circle can gently caress and hug the souls of wounded women, hold the pain and the many stories.  It is in such a circle that a woman can feel heard, re-membered, and made whole and holy.  It is in the candlelight and the sharing that the vulnerable feel their true strength, the voiceless find their expression, the lonely know their kin, the saddened lean into comfort, and the traumatised have their wounds rightly acknowledged and tended to.


A well-intended circle can call women to the altar of their sacred truth and teach the womb wisdom that belongs to all of them, all cultures, all races, all beliefs, and all ages and phases of life.  It is here before the shrine that women know the fullness of their beauty and their mystery, and can dive deep into the sensual world of the feminine in all her forms and rites of passage.


A Red Tent works because it upholds and connects a women to her own power, her spirit and her self-esteem, no matter what her belief system.  Red Tents teach women to trust themselves and that other women will honour and respect all her choices.  Red Tents help women grow, giving them support and strength to change their own lives.   Red Tents are the network that every women deserves, as well as and alongside any counselling, orthodox medicine, or professional help.  Red Tents are the sister circle that girls deserve to know and grow up into.


Our Red Tent was founded by Heidi Wyldewood at the very end of 2013.  It began with just five women in circle. Today we support over four hundred women online and have had more than two hundred women sit in circle with us. Our soft fabric space where we women of all ages, with or without a current menstrual cycle, can nurture each other, listen with our hearts, share our stories and our wisdoms has become a thing of strength and beauty.  It is a place where we can empower our maidens, honour our mothers and respect our wise elders. It is the sacred space to acknowledge our rites of passage and celebrate our femininity.


The Red Tent can be a doorway home to the self, a place to co-create and support community, and a place to inspire and educate a generation.  The Red Tent is a space where women heal and are heard.  The Red Tent is life changing.  The Red Tent is a home to just breathe, to just be, to feel and discover all that you are.




Come, step into the circle                                                                                                                           Get the support you deserve


Pass the Talking Bowl                                                                                                                                           Share your truth


Hold space for others                                                                                                                        Listening and learning


Wise women                                                                                                                                           Wild women


Weaving a new way of being                                                                                                                      Creating a better world

“Being at a Red Tent event with Heidi is like curling up with hot cocoa and a blanket, feeling very comfortable and safe. We are able to say what is on our minds, and support each other. It is an amazing space to be in”




“The Red Tent feels like a homecoming - a place I've always longed for but didn't know existed. It has healed my relationship with other women in a powerful way, I always leave having learnt and grown”




“The Red Tent gave me the sisterhood I didn't realise I was craving,

the voice I hadn't realised I had lost, and the permission to be myself”




“In the Red Tent I felt a sense of recognition and strength with other

women and found the belonging I've been missing.”




"I am officially OFF the antidepressants after more than two years. This is due in part to the wonderful support and space and love I have experienced at your hands, my sistars. Thank you - whether you are embroiled enough to know the ins and outs of my life, or whether we see each other only on Facebook, I would not be where I am if it weren't for Red Tent."






"It is a real privilege to bear witness to other women’s stories

and to glean so much insight from them too. Each time I am

a little more awestruck.  Women are incredible”







"It's my red tent anniversary. I've been coming for 2 years today! Thank you to all of you. Without you, my life would not be as full and as amazing as it is now. Love you"




What Women Say

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Our Red Tent welcomes women of all ages; all walks of life; all spiritual philosophies; all cultures; all sexualities; menstrual, perimenopausal and postmenopausal women; both cis and trans women; and nonbinary people who feel that their experience encompasses aspects of what is usually framed as the feminine experience. All of us together. There are so many ways to be a woman, to identify as a woman, and/or to experience and express the feminine. A space to enfold and nurture us all as language and understanding evolves. A place to relax and just be you. A space in which we heal, we build trust and honour, and we strengthen ourselves as we face internalised misogyny and the external woundings of patriarchy.

So come, join the circle. Get the support you deserve. Feel truly heard. Embody your wisdom.


Discover the SiStarhood. Together we rise