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Our mission is to empower,

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Heidi Wyldewood

Heidi is a facilitator of healing journeys, mentor, priestess, walker between the worlds and a sacred activist.  She is a keeper and creatrix of wild medicine and womb wisdom traditions, living life from the heart, often with the soles of her bare feet on Mother Earth.


Heidi is the founder of our Red Tent, overseeing the admin and guiding the direction of the Red Tent.  She runs the Wisdom and Sharing Circles, the Celebratory Days, special focus circles, Rites of Passage and Ceremony.


She also offers many workshops which are advertised for all women, not just our Red Tent sisters, on the subjects of menstrual awareness, female spirituality and the sacred feminine. She offers training via her Wise Women and the Circle of Sisters course for those wishing to found their own Red Tent, and for those wishing to have deep understanding and embodiment of the female rites of passage she offers her Wise Women and the Spiral of Stone course.


Heidi is not only an experienced facilitator, but also offers healing and spiritual life mentoring to women as part of her Brighid Path and Sovereignty Soul Craft, but also as a Level Three Advanced Moon Mother® she offers Feminine Energy Awakening Attunements, Blessings and Female Soul Patterning Healing. She also runs our Red Tent Festival Crew in the summer.




Cath is a listener, healer, Moon Mother®, yogini and lover of sunshine and naps. She is passionate about supporting women and girls to claim their own be-you-tiful power, living in harmony with their glorious cyclical selves. Cath can wax on lyrical for ages about the wonder of the menstrual cycle and women’s life passages, and may even sing you a song or two about it as well.  


She has trained with Journey Of Young Women and Katherine Kreuger on the Girls Mentoring Training, has completed the Wise Women and the Spiral of Stone course, and brings a deep understanding of women’s rites of passage and holding space for personal unfolding.


Cath facilitates our Girls Circle, is part of the Red Tent Festival Crew, and holds some of the Wisdom and Share Circles, and Rites of Passage.







Ruth joined the Red Tent in 2015, and through it has forged some of the deepest and most important friendships of her life.


She is particularly interested in encouraging those who might hesitate to attend a Red Tent, and understanding the barriers that hold us back from experiencing the deep love of femme and female empowerment and support.


Ruth facilitates many of the Wisdom and Share Circles in Southampton at the Art House. Having sat regularly in circle for over four years she is compassionate and understanding circle holder and is currently taking the Wise Women and Circle of Sisters course.










Karolina joined our Red Tent in, what seemed at the time, an extravagant attempt to do something for herself. She had just had her son and the number of different baby groups seemed pretty overwhelming. She says she "was ready to find something for ME, to nourish me,  to truly envelop me in calm and stillness on one hand, but to ignite my creativity on the other.  And so I embarked on a beautiful journey of self discovery, of finding the words to describe the reality that I wasn't able to vocalise, of how it feels to be a woman, express the feminine and all the challenges it brings. I've know now how much our experience changes when we're supported by our sisters on the way. I have since completed the "Wise Women and the Spiral of Stone" course and so the journey continues."








Jani is a creative being who loves to encourage women’s inner artists to come out and play. They believe that authentic, empowered living is reachable through creativity. They also work with rewilding through connecting to the landscape, seasons, plants and wild herbs for health. Jani is a founder and co-director of The Art House in Southampton.


Jani has completed the Wise Women and the Circle of Sisters course and is our facilitator for the journalling and creative red tent circles. They lead some of our drumming and song circles, and hosts our Red Tent film nights and open evenings















At the end of 2017 we expanded to a whole team in order to meet the growing demand and to offer more support. Heidi was joined by Cath, Jani and Adeola.


We also have two special women who join us as part of our Festival Crew, Marian and Angie.


During the summer of 2019 Angie began to hold the Grandmother Circles, and by the autumn we were joined by Karolina and Ruth as Wisdom and Share Circle Facilitators.


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Our Red Tent welcomes women of all ages; all walks of life; all spiritual philosophies; all cultures; all sexualities; menstrual, perimenopausal and postmenopausal women; both cis and trans women; and nonbinary people who feel that their experience encompasses aspects of what is usually framed as the feminine experience. All of us together. There are so many ways to be a woman, to identify as a woman, and/or to experience and express the feminine. A space to enfold and nurture us all as language and understanding evolves. A place to relax and just be you. A space in which we heal, we build trust and honour, and we strengthen ourselves as we face internalised misogyny and the external woundings of patriarchy.

So come, join the circle. Get the support you deserve. Feel truly heard. Embody your wisdom.


Discover the SiStarhood. Together we rise