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Caring & Sharing

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Our mission is to empower,

educate and encourage

both women

and girls









There is plenty on offer for you to choose from

Wisdom and Sharing Circle:


Second Thursday of the month

Art House, Southampton 7pm – 10pm     £10/£8/£6


Fourth Friday of the month

Heidi's home, Totton 7pm – 10pm     £10/£8/£6


Contact Heidi for more information and to book


(during July and August we often take a break to take our Red Tent to Festivals)



Girls Circle:


Every two months

First Sunday of the month

New Forest 1pm - 4pm    

£12 per mother and daughter







Celebratory Gatherings: 


For all ages to come together, marking the passing of seasons and honouring Rites of Passage

Village Hall, Emery Down 10am – 4pm     £20/£15/under 16 £3




Worldwide Womb Blessing Circles

Creative Moon Journaling Circles

Song or Drum Circles

Red Tent Open Evenings and Film Nights

Fundraisers for Women's Charities and Appeals

Red Tents at Summer Festivals




Coming soon: 


Quarterly Silver Circles with the focus for peri and post menopausal women.

Monthly Sharing Circles in both the heart of the New Forest and Southampton city centre

Online Support and Groups - Networking and Sisterhood

Gatherings and Celebrations

Mentoring of Girls and Educational Resources

Worldwide Womb Blessing Circles with registered Moon Mothers

Menstrual and Moon Cycle Wisdom, Jade Egg and Self Care Workshops

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Our Red Tent welcomes women of all ages; all walks of life; all spiritual philosophies; all cultures; all sexualities; menstrual, perimenopausal and postmenopausal women; both cis and trans women; and nonbinary people who feel that their experience encompasses aspects of what is usually framed as the feminine experience. All of us together. There are so many ways to be a woman, to identify as a woman, and/or to experience and express the feminine. A space to enfold and nurture us all as language and understanding evolves. A place to relax and just be you. A space in which we heal, we build trust and honour, and we strengthen ourselves as we face internalised misogyny and the external woundings of patriarchy.

So come, join the circle. Get the support you deserve. Feel truly heard. Embody your wisdom.


Discover the SiStarhood. Together we rise