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Caring & Sharing

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Our mission is to empower,

educate and encourage

both women

and girls









We help our girls learn how to:

                                       Make healthy and positively informed choices.

                                       Understand, respect and care for her physical body

                                       Develop responsibility for her emotional and social well-being

                                       Develop friendships and community understanding

                                       Be comfortable with speaking and living her truth


"It takes a village to raise a child" - African Proverb


This circle follows the principles of our Red Tent to uphold and connect women to their inner power, and offers this to our younger members.


We provide a safe, supportive community of peers and positive role models in which girls can discover, connect and express themselves. Using a variety of techniques such as storytelling, creativity, movement, song, meditation, nature connection, discussion, games and wisdom sharing circles, we will approach the subjects that impact on growing girls in a child-centred and age appropriate way - including body image, menstrual cycle awareness and managing stress.


The circle is for girls aged 7-16yrs, with separate focus groups according to age.



Every other first Sunday of the month -  coming up - 1st September and 3rd November 2019

Price: £12 per mother and daughter - £3 per additional daughter. Concessions available, please ask.



Mothers/female carers are warmly welcomed and asked to stay with their daughters to share quality time, support the girl’s learning, and enhance the bonding experience for the girls, their mothers and the circle community. A dedicated Facebook group for Girls Circle mothers to support each other whilst supporting our girls is also offered.


The Girls Circle is primarily held by Cath, assisted by Bryony, who are DBS certificate holders. Both Cath and Bryony are experienced in being in the Red Tent context and working with children. We also have an array of wonderful Red Tent women who will contribute to specific activities and topics from time to time


Cath Jevon is an official member of the New Forest and Southampton Red Tent Team - see team bios


Bryony Kirkpatrick has completed the Wise Women and Circle of Sisters course and is very experienced working with children, both in her work as a Learning Support Assistant and in her role as principal and drama teacher for Dramabananas



For further enquiries and to make a booking

please contact Cath:




"And may all mothers know that they are loved,

And may all sisters know that they are strong,

And may all daughters know that they are powerful,

That the circle of women may live on."


Nalini Blossom






Girls Circle


This circle aims to support, empower and educate girls to live in harmony with themselves. To build confidence and knowledge so that each girl can grow into womanhood feeling valued, well-equipped and respected in her life. We aim to enable each girl to know and trust her unique strengths and gifts, and believe in her self-worth.



Our Red Tent welcomes women of all ages; all walks of life; all spiritual philosophies; all cultures; all sexualities; menstrual, perimenopausal and postmenopausal women; both cis and trans women; and nonbinary people who feel that their experience encompasses aspects of what is usually framed as the feminine experience. All of us together. There are so many ways to be a woman, to identify as a woman, and/or to experience and express the feminine. A space to enfold and nurture us all as language and understanding evolves. A place to relax and just be you. A space in which we heal, we build trust and honour, and we strengthen ourselves as we face internalised misogyny and the external woundings of patriarchy.

So come, join the circle. Get the support you deserve. Feel truly heard. Embody your wisdom.


Discover the SiStarhood. Together we rise